Board Minutes – January 2018

Volunteer Community Services of Granger, Inc. (VCSG)

Board Meeting Minutes,         Date of –Wednesday January 10th, 2018

(prepared by Secretary, Gary Friemel)

Call to order10:00 a.m.

In Attendance : Pastor Bill, Gregg, Karen, Gary, Nancy, Shannon.  Guest Todd Jones (Pastor of Stonebridge Church- Granger).    Pastor suggested we all introduce ourselves to Todd, so we did.

Opening prayer:  Pastor Bill

Approval of prior meetings minutes:  No changes to minutes –  Gregg 1st ,  Nancy 2nd,  all voted aye.

Treasurer’s report:  Gregg – $389.28 balance,   Gregg also reported talking to Barb Chambers and asking her if she would consider becoming our new treasurer – Gregg indicated she would, she will attend a future meeting to make it official.   Nancy 1st to accept report,  Gregg 2nd – all voted aye.

Gary raised question that his printer was running out of ink (he uses it for both personal and VGSG business) – it was asked about the percentages of how the printer was used,  he indicated at this time around 1/3 VCSG and 2/3 personal  — some board members indicated they had some ink that might work,  Gary will send info to board to see if they would be useable,  other wise they agreed to a purchase of new toner – exact specifics will follow on results of what toner is used, several options appear to be available.

Board Positions: Pastor Bill presented an idea to elect Karen as our new VCSG President to replace him,  to take effect immediately following a board vote.  Karen agreed to accept if elected – Gregg made 1st motion,  Nancy 2nd  —  all voted aye.    Karen elected – Bill will remain a board member.              We all look forward to Karens term and are very appreciative of Pastors untold hours of service (in ways we have no idea) in getting the program off and running  — this will be a GREAT service and benefit to the community in the years to come.   Had Bill & Gregg not kept pushing, this would have never happened – the community, as well as us Board members,  owes you both a BIG  “thank you”!!.

New business:  Pastor brought up a situation from “Jersey Mikes Subways” to go to their website and nominate Gregg — if it works out we could be awarded a rather large donation/award.  – under subabove on their website.           Gregg also informed us that we had made our “FIRST” loan out of durable medical equipment to a community member !!!!!!           Also for Gary to contact Tom Letch in Grimes regarding some new computer forms,  he will.

End of Meeting::   Meeting temporarily adjourned at 10:30 to conduct the Meet & Greet meeting with our VCSG volunteers.  Meeting reconvened at 11:45 for a debriefing meeting led by Karen to sum up “meet & greet”.     Meeting officially adjourned at 12:00.


Date of next meeting :   Karen will look at her calendar for schedule/dates and email to schedule.