Board Minutes – May 2017

Volunteer Community Services of Granger, Inc. (VCSG)

Board Meeting Minutes, Date of  Wednesday May 17, 2017

(prepared by Secretary, Gary Friemel)

Call to order10:00 a.m.

In Attendance : Pastor Bill, Gregg, Jim,Gary, Nancy, Shannon

Opening prayer:  Bill

Approval of prior meetings minutes:  No changes to minutes –  Gregg 1st ,  Jim 2nd, all vote aye

Treasurer’s report:  Jim – $1587.28 balance, on report change “net” to “balance”,  also need to have a “balance sheet” report.  Received $50 from city of Granger – no expenditures..

Volunteer & Client Apps, locationsGary – some corrections need to be made, get to Bill so they can be done.  Apps are located maybe library, Greggs office, and Meth. Church ??

Job DescriptionsAnnie Webb to do website stuff.  Gregg will connect with Shannon – all board members to be working on personal bios to go on website with pics, give to Shannon when done —– we need to be working on filing various jobs(not board) ——- contact Thelma/Don about a pic (1st trip) for website

Old Business55+ is now in place, Joy Tallman

New BusinessVolunteer badges and choices were shown by Bill, board voted and a favorite was determined – vote was 6 to 1  ——— Gary will send names of volunteers to Bill to print badges  —— all can work on things to go on community calendar on website, give to Shannon; also short paragraphs of community things for website as well.

Closing prayer:   Pastor Gregg



Date of next meeting :   June 14, 2017  Thursday 10:00 at Emmanuel Meth. Church