Board Minutes – September 2017

Volunteer Community Services of Granger, Inc. (VCSG)

Board Meeting Minutes, Date of  Wednesday September 27th, 2017

(prepared by Secretary, Gary Friemel)

Call to order10:00 a.m.

In Attendance : Pastor Bill, Gregg, Karen, Gary, Shannon,   (absent – Nancy)

Opening prayer:  Gregg

Approval of prior meetings minutes:  No changes to minutes –  Gregg 1st ,  Shannon 2nd – all voted aye

Treasurer’s report:  Gregg – no changes, full report to be given next month

Brochure & Poster ideasGary – success reported on granger days parade, talked about Nancys posters and the high quality of them (will have them next month for all to see).  Gary will take folded brochures to City Hall, Meth. Church, Alices Beauty shop, and Ericksons.  Gary will get one of Nancys posters to Shannon to see about getting 11×16, 9×11 posters made to put in local businesses.  He also mentioned about the possible reorganization of the brochure info. — discussion tabled until next meeting to have Nancy present.

Logging timeBill – discussion about the “need” for all to keep track of hours, mileage, and dates of their VCSG work.       It was suggested to have Gary send out a reminder email to board members at the end of the month stating their information was due and due by the 5th of the following month  and if not received he will follow up.  A motion was made by Karen and 2nd’d by Gregg to put this policy in force,  all voted aye.

Committee Job DescriptionsBill  — still working on – discussion tabled for the present.

Old businessLanyards were passed out to board members.  Bill requested from Gary a list of volunteers, he will email to him.        Other old business was handled in above headings.

New businessIt was suggested that we need to contact our volunteers in a face to face event,  if for nothing else but keeping them informed of where we are and that we up and running – and waiting for clients.  After discussion, it was decided to work on putting together a “Meet & Greet” (maybe a morning coffee-donut kind of thing) with the board and volunteers present – lanyards & name tags will be handed out at that time as well.    During this discussion Karen brought up that we need to look into our policies about $ being spent and the amount before board approval is needed –Bill will check into our policies.

Closing prayer:   Gregg   ———-  motion to adjourn 1st Shannon, 2nd Karen  —  meeting

adjourned at 11:00


Date of next meeting :   November 8th 2017, Wednesday 10:00 at Emmanuel Meth. Church