Meeting Minutes February 2017

Volunteer Community Services of Granger, Inc. (VCSG)

Board Meeting Minutes,   Date of — Wed.  February 15th, 2017

(prepared  by Secretary Gary Friemel


Call to order10:00 a.m.

In Attendance : Pastor Bill, Gregg, Jim, Karen, Gary, Nancy, Shannon

Opening prayer:  Gregg

Introduction of ShannonShannon Godwin introduced to the group by Gregg.  Gregg also suggested we add Shannon as a Director on the Board.  Motion by Gregg, 2nd by Gary – no discussion needed,  a vote was taken,  vote was unanimous.

Policies and proceduresMore discussion.  A motion by Gregg to approve the draft of the committee for Pol. And Procedures for the installition of the website.  Jim 2nd vote all approved.  More discussion about P and P,  what about backround checking policy ??     A motion was made to “move forward with Policies and Procedures, adding a policy for backround checks and making sure our correct bylaws are in place to be ratified by an email vote within 72 hours and then published when ratified.   Motion by Karen, 2nd by Gregg – vote was unanimous.

Bylaw changeBoard member clarification :  board members are volunteer board.  (need to change Board Member page in bylaws description)

Launch update still working toward a date —  Need to get P&P’s in order,  also logo and i.d items, also need to meet with volunteers to train, (when parts are in place, (need someone to head and direct this))

Media updatePastor – still working on items and logo.

Old business

New business:

Closing prayer:   Pastor Bill

Meeting adjourned:   11:05 a.m.


Date of next meeting :   March 22nd, 2017, Wednesday 10:00 at Emmanuel Meth. Church