Client Policies

Our Services

Volunteer Community Services of Woodward & Granger (VCSWG) uses volunteers to provide various services without charge to our clients, such as transportation, yard work, minor repair, DME (durable medical equipment) loan, companionship and office staffing.  Because of this, we must necessarily accommodate their schedules.

If you want the best chance of having your trip or service request filled, you should give us at least 6 days notice. T

he more notice you can give us, the more likely it is we can fill your request.  On the other hand, we know that occasionally things come up quickly, so please feel free to call us; simply understand that the shorter the notice, the more difficult it may be to assist you.  Sometimes, we simply may not be able to fill the request.

Please keep in mind that even though there is no charge to you for the service, the service is not without considerable time, effort and expense by those scheduling, notifying and providing the service.  Excessive and thoughtless cancellations can lead to termination of services.  We ask you to respect and value our volunteers.


Volunteer Community Services of Woodward & Granger carries insurance that covers volunteers, clients, and property damage that may occur while the volunteer is performing an assigned task.

For insurance to be in force, Volunteer Community Services of Woodward & Granger must have records of the assigned activity.  Therefore, all arrangements must be made through the VCSWG office, rather than through the volunteer.

Additionally, if an injury or incident should occur, please notify the volunteer staff as soon as possible.  Clients must wear a seatbelt while being driven by one of our volunteers.

Acceptance of Gifts

All services provided by VCSWG are without charge.

Our volunteers are not allowed to receive gifts or payments from the client.

If you wish to contribute to the organization, please send your donation directly to Volunteer Community Services of Woodward & Granger at the address below.

Tax Deductions

Donations to VCSWG may be tax deductible.  If you choose to donate, you will receive a letter documenting your donation.  Please talk to your tax adviser concerning any tax deduction.

Smoke Free Environment

VCSWG promotes a smoke-free environment.  If you smoke, please do not smoke while the volunteer is present.  All volunteers are told if they smoke, they must refrain from smoking while clients are present.


We want the experience with us to be meaningful for both the client and the volunteer.  If you have suggestions or concerns regarding our services, please contact the Volunteer Community Service of Woodward & Granger office.

Mailing address: 

Volunteer Community Services of Woodward & Granger
P O Box 104
Granger, IA  50109

Phone Number:  515-999-2970
Email:  [email protected]